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ALICE Contact
» Patricia Mendez Patricia Mendez Lorenzo
Good Fairy of LCG and Faraway VOBoxes
» Federico Carminati Federico Carminati
The Godfather
» Latchezar Betev Latchezar Betev
ALICE Grid Master of Puppets
» Alina Grigoras Alina Grigoras (blog)
Sorcerer of GoogLook
» Costin Grigoras Costin Grigoras (blog)
Great Chief of All the Charts
» Steffen Schreiner Steffen Schreiner
Privy Counsellor for Grid Cryptics and Notorious Objection
» Catalin Cirstoiu Catalin Cirstoiu
Great Chief of Data Collectors
» Pablo Saiz Pablo Saiz
Wizard of AliceLand
» Andreas Joachim Peters Andreas Joachim Peters
Keeper of Mighty Data
» Predrag Buncic Predrag Buncic
Wizard of Intuition
» Stefano Bagnasco Stefano Bagnasco
High Master of Hot Stuff and LCG
» Olga Vladimirovna Datskova Olga Vladimirovna Datskova
Maker of AliEns and AliRoots
» ALICE LCG TaskForce
Fiefdom of All Mighty Grid Warriors
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