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Production request workflow

1. The PWG coordinatior and/or one person designated by him enters the requested information through this interface. Alternatively, the parameterts of the production and macros can be attached to the JIRA task (see also p.2 below) or a link to the user test directory containing the macros given in the task.

2. The production must be fully tracked in AliRoot JIRA as 'task'.

3. Only requests with all necessary input information and resource cost estimates for will be considered for approval at the PB

4. To be considered ready for execution, the propduction must be tested on the Grid by the requestror. The link to the AliEn directory, containing the macros and JDL from the tests should be entered in the corresponding  JIRA task

5. For production with anchor runs, a comma-separated list of runs should be artached to the JIRA task. 

6. For help with the macros contact the PWG_PP MC team. 

7. For help with the JDLs contact the production team.

Production software versioning and output files in the jdl.

1. Production is only done with officially released AliRoot. A lisf of all revisions is given here 

2. The list of output files should be the minimal set necessary, use of *.root is strongly discouraged.

Who can enter production requests 

The PWG coordinator and/or one person nominated by him. The person entering the request should have a valid Grid certificate exported in the browser, should be registered in the ALICE VO and  AliEn. Grid registration instructions are availabe here. To update the list of PWG experts, contact the production team.

Who can set and modify the priority of the production requests 

The chairman of the Physics Board.

For questions and suggestions

Contact the production team 

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